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“Let Me Show You How to Stop Worrying About Your Health and Finances after Trying Out All The Different Methods That Don’t Always Work and Start Using a Step-by-Step Technique That Uncovers The Challenges You’re Facing, Fix Them at the Source, and Turn Them into Success…”

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Over 35,000 professionals around the world have used the DCI step-by-step system to create anything they want in life and eliminate anything they don’t want to see. 

Available to you right now is DCI's, or the Diamond Cutter Institute’s very first online course, teaching you step-by-step how to uncover the challenges you’re facing, fix them at the source, and turn them into success. 


5-Video Online Series


(Usual: US$49)

#1 Footprints

A New Method for Success

This practical and playful technique comes from the ancient wisdom of Asia, and we will assume the role of a “success” detective, taking the "footprints" left behind; the troubles we see at the start of the year and examine them respectively to discover the deeper causes that created them.
Footprints: A New Method for Success

#2 Seeds

Clearing Obstacles for The Results You Want

According to the ancient literature of China, there is a process that works to clear away the bad seeds we planted in the past that created the challenges you're facing today. Once the field is cleared up from these bad seeds, we can plant the good seeds we want using the 4 Steps to create the results you want.
Seeds: Clearing obstacles for the results you want

#3 Discovery

Success Detective: Examining Clues For Success

Denying or confronting the problems directly may or may not help, it’s like fighting the footprints we've created when what we really need to do is to find out who left those imprints and deal with them! Thus, we are trying a different approach here – by going deep into the hidden causes behind the difficulties we see and fix them right from the source.
Discovery: Success detective: examining clues for success

#4 Planting

Rules of the Game: To Acquire Success

There are burning issues like widespread illness, mental distress, and economic recession taking place all over the world – the “footprints”. With the ancient technique “the Pen”, we’ve locate where these imprints came from in order to uncover “how” they came about – what exactly did I do to plant the seeds for seeing people (maybe myself too) getting sick, feeling distressed, and struggling financially?
Planting: Rules of the game: to acquire success

#5 Headquarters

Continued Success

After going through the detective work of finding the deeper causes behind the problems and trying to fix them, we need a place to go back to, a headquarters to restore our body and mind. If they are strong and healthy, we will be able to fight off problems before they come to us. In this segment, Geshe Michael is offers three suggestions on how to maintain a strong and healthy foundation – our body and mind.
Headquarters: Continued success


Sometimes the year doesn’t get off to a good start. You see people around the world struggling physically, emotionally, even financially—maybe your organization, colleagues, employees, friends, or maybe even your loved ones.

The questions that most people are asking include why do certain things such as epidemics or economic crisis happen and how can we get over them. To find out the answers, founder and president of the Diamond Cutter Institute, Geshe Michael draws from an ancient idea from the Tang Dynasty of China called “Success Detective”, and demonstrates step-by-step how we can use this technique to uncover the challenges we are facing, fix them from the source, and turn them into success. 

The goal is that by the end of the year, we will all able to consider this year a great opportunity to go beyond problems and enjoy the glorious success we make out of them.


>> CEO & President, DCI <<

Geshe Michael Roach started the DCI System in 2009 to help 35,000 professionals in 35 cities around the world every year gain the understanding and skills to overcome challenges in business and life and achieve success in all areas. In the DCI system, we explain how we've learned from these great ancient works that if we understand the ultimate nature of how things work, we understand the basics of cause and effect, we can create anything we want in life and eliminate anything we don't want to see. In other words, drawing from the ancient ideas from 2,500 years ago, DCI gives a new universal presentation of the deeper causes of success and failure, tailor-made for today’s needs, so that everybody can use it to get results.
Geshe Michael Roach


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  • How does the program work?

    There’s 5 videos, average about 15 minutes each, that takes you through the course step-by-step. As soon as you sign up, you will receive instant access to our training videos.

  • How is your course different from the rest?

    Most personal development or success training courses focuses on the conventional methods, which sometimes work and doesn’t work. And in DCI, we say that if something you’re doing doesn’t work every time, all the time, then that means it just doesn’t work. And that there’s a missing link, which in DCI, is the deeper causes that cause the conventional things to work. So in DCI, we dive deep into extracting the ancient ideas from 2,500 years ago to give you a new universal presentation of the deeper causes of success and failure so that everybody can use it to get results.

  • How long does it take to get results?

    Some people take 12 weeks, some people take shorter, some take longer, some don’t see results—it all really depends on how consistent you are with the tools taught in this course.

  • What if I’m a beginner?

    Welcome! This course is great for you, even if you’re totally new to the DCI system. After the course, you can continue your training with our free training videos and learn more from our community.

  • Why is the program so affordable?

    This is DCI’s very first online short course, with 5 short videos, and we're excited to share what we have to offer to you.

  • Do I own the content forever?

    No you do not own the content. It's copyrighted material that belongs to DCI. You can access the content here repeatedly until 31 December 2020.

  • Can I share this with others?

    No. You are welcome to purchase extra account for your friends as a gift. When you purchase, it's for Individual Use only. Meaning for one person's viewing. No sharing, embedding or duplication of any kind is allowed. No sharing of account. No broadcasting the video to a group (more than 1 person). No filming &/or screen-recording of video. No downloading. No embedding or sharing link to someone else. No distribution or re-distribution of content in any form, videos, written, or images etc.

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